Workouts: Train Like a Chargers Cheerleader

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When NAKOA was asked to be the Sports Performance provider for the Charger’s Cheerleaders Performance Coach Sean Maguire happily stepped up to the task knowing that Cheerleaders need to be trained and conditioned just like players on the field they cheer on. It takes a ton of strength, power and muscular endurance, not to mention that amazing figure we see on the sidelines to be a Charger’s Girl. So just what are they doing to maintain such awesome bodies? Check out Coach Sean going through one of the Chargers Cheerleader workouts in the video below. We know he’s not as pretty as the girls but he’s definitely got what it takes to keep them in shape! ­ See more at:

Video: Chargers Cheerleader Workout

Here’s this workout, check out the video if you’re unsure about a movement or just

want to check Sean out!

Warm up: ­
15 Jumping Jacks
­30 Second Jog
­10 Body Weight Squats
­5 Burpees
­10 Lunges (Each Leg)
­30 Second Jog
­15 Jumping Jacks

Lower Body Circuit (3 Sets of Each Movement):
­Body Weight or Dumbbell Squat (8­12 Reps)
­Stability Ball Hamstring Curls (10 Reps)
­Walking Lunges (8 Reps Each Leg)
­Hip Bridges (15 Reps)

Upper Body Circuit (3 Sets of Each Movement):
­Incline Dumbbell Bench Press (8 Reps)
­TRX Row (10­12 Reps)
­Stability Ball Hyperextension (12 Reps)

Core Circuit (3 Sets of Each Movement):
­Dynamic Planks (See the video of Sean for a how­to!)

Photo credit: SD Dirk / Foter / CC BY