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What NAKOA Is Thankful for


“I am extremely grateful for the health and happiness of my entire family, especially the lights of my life, Asher and Kieran. I am continually and ALWAYS insanely thankful for our amazing family and community at NAKOA! Bonus thankful shoutouts go to the continued success of all my athletes, the addition of our pup Moose to the family, a successful return to the rugby pitch, and the continued glorious evolution of IPAs…” – Coach Ryan Gallop

\”I\’m thankful for a loving and supportive wife, family and for being blessed to be a part of an even larger Nakoa family.  Our staff and members make coming to work each day exciting and the prospect of being a positive part of so many people\’s day is humbling.  I\’m also grateful for the amazing vacation to Bali my wife and I just got back from.  The opportunity to experience the world, spend quality relaxation time with my love and to simply reset have me motivated for an epic holiday season and a great new year!\”- Coach Erik Johnson

\"Carlsbad\”Though 2017 has been a year of my greatest loss, it has marked a milestone in my life that will forever be filled with the MOST THANKS! I am thankful for the guidance of God and the beautiful relationship He wove together between my Father and I.  After losing my Father unexpectedly in March, the remaining of the year has been nothing easy.  But in all of the difficulty, I share just a sliver of all my Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for a Father who loved his family so well, was committed to a strong family bond.  I am thankful for a father who treated me like his princess (even at 35).  I am thankful for a father who showed me what a committed marriage looks like honoring and loving my mom for 47 years.  I am thankful for a father who showed me patience and love.  And I am thankful for ALL of the family and friends who have surrounded us with love this past year.  And most of all I am thankful for a God who is alive and loving beyond all my understanding.\” – Coach Taryn Mast

\”I am thankful for my daughters. They make me smile everyday.\” – Coach John Welch

\”I am thankful for the roof over my head, a bed to sleep in and a wife that supports me chasing my dreams.\” – Coach Robert Budd


\”I’m thankful for the birth of my son, Parker, and for the health and happiness of my growing family.\” – Physical Therapist Allison Nelson

\”I\’m thankful for this crazy awesome new journey of being a mama. I\’m grateful to be surrounded by so much love, be a part of such an amazing team and get to come home to the hottest and best hubby and dad I could ever ask for. :)\” – Coach Biana Waiton

\”I am grateful for the friends I have in my life. Without that connection and support of my friends, I don’t know what I would do. So I raise a glass (of alcohol) to the people in my life that keep honest and make me a better person! Happy Thanksgiving!!!\” – Coach Zac Sellars


\”I am thankful for the strength of my family this year and the incredible support from my beautiful fiancé. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to stand on my own two feet.\” – Coach Derrick Broussard

\”I am thankful for my two kiddos. They keep me grounded and show me how to simplify. I am thankful for my support circle. They let me fall but help me get back up on my feet twice as fast. I am also thankful for red wine. It makes me happy after long days.\” – Coach Sarah Simonetti

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