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Body Composition - InBody Technology

Understanding Body Composition

The New Year rolls around every year and suddenly there is a mad dash to set up all our goals for the year and fitness is often on many people’s list. Many people experience weight gain over the winter time often correlating to the holidays, vacations, and a bit of overindulgence in general. So weight loss become a popular topic in the New Year.

The problem with the simple term weight loss is that it does not give us a clear indication of body composition. As people are becoming aware of the importance of body composition, and the ratios of muscle mass and fat mass compared to total body weight, we are realizing that the age old tool of “the scale” is becoming obsolete. What we need is a more advanced tool and technology system that can help us understand the bigger picture and from there we can truly the best goals with regards to our fitness and set ourselves up for the most success.

Breaking down “Body Composition”

Body composition is a new standard in measuring your health and fitness, and it’s principles are simple! With a clear understanding of your body composition, you can be empowered to improve your health and change your life for the better.

The first thing to know about body composition is that there are several different models. The NAKOA personal training team prefers a more detailed body composition analysis using the 4 component (4C) model. This way we can understand the four most significant components that make up your body:

1. Body Water- When you get down to it, the human body is made up of mostly water. Your fat, muscles, blood, and other bodily fluids all contain water. This can be further broken down into the water contained inside your body’s cells (intracellular water) and the water outside your cells (extracellular water).

2. Protein- This measure is a reflection of the protein contained in your body’s muscles.

3. Minerals- Your body contains minerals which are primarily found in two places:
in the blood stream and inside bone tissue.

4. Fat- Your stored energy. These components describe how the body can be broken down. However, not many people have conversations about their total body water or mineral content. \\

Using the four components of body composition, there are a few additional terms that provide meaningful information:

Dry Lean Mass (DLM): The combination of the weight attributed to the protein and the bone mineral in your body

Lean Body Mass (LBM): The combination of your DLM and body water

Skeletal Muscle Mass (SSM): The muscles that are connected to your bones that allow you to move. These are all the muscles that can be grown and developed through exercise (your biceps, glutes, quads, etc). Introducing InBody Technology!

After years of exploring many options, we are excited to offer our NAKOA members the opportunity to powerfully track their progress towards improved health and fitness. The InBody technology provides us with an extremely accurate

and affordable method that allows us to track body composition data for our

individual clients, sports teams and corporations. In less than two minutes, you can follow the step-by-step instructions on the

InBody machine to receive a segmental analysis detailing your body composition

with gold standard accuracy. Because the InBody works by safely measuring the

amount of water inside of your body, a lot of useful information can be reported. Although a lot of body fat devices will tell you your body fat percentage, the Inbody can go much further and report the body water weight, skeletal muscle mass, lean body mass, basal metabolic rate, visceral fat and much more.

Join us in creating and achieving meaningful 2016 goals!

Use the InBody the next time you’re at NAKOA to find out more about your body composition! (Free for NAKOA members -stop by the front desk to inquire today. An InBody analysis is included in the NAKOA Experience for new members.)

Once you’ve completed your InBody analysis, NAKOA staff at out fitness center in Carlsbad look forward to meeting with you to discuss realistic goals and strategies to meet those goals.

Retest periodically, and work towards your goals with state-of-the-art data tracking your progress.

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