Susan Helman

Everyone encourages you to be your best and that flows over into my everyday life.

Playing hard has always been my thing, I guess you can say I’m an adrenaline junkie. I was lucky enough to compete competitively from a young age in equestrian show jumping, snowboarding and motocross. However, I managed to put my body through a serious beating in the process.

I came to NAKOA Fitness and Physical Therapy fresh off my last double knee surgery, having had ten total between the two knees. The physical therapy I received along with the coaching was exceptional. The PT girls treated me with a superior level of expertise that I had never received before. I graduated from therapy and started training with Bianca.

To this date, I have to say, I never felt better in my life and it’s all thanks to my coach Bianca and the amazing Therapy Team at NAKOA. Bianca has designed program after program specifically around my body’s individual needs. She strengthened my knees so much so that I no longer have any pain, and has also strengthened my core and posture so much that I am able to ride without back pain either. Did I forget to mention that I have five herniated discs in my lower back? I ride show jumpers for a living again and my back pain has been a constant struggle, that is until now. With Bianca’s coaching, my physical as well as mental well being, has never been better. I honestly do not know where I would be without her!

NAKOA is a place like no other. Once you walk in the door, you feel like you are welcomed into a family and a sense of community. Everyone encourages you to be your best and that flows over into my everyday life. I am eternally grateful to Carlsbad Fitness Coach Bianca and NAKOA for changing my life and encourage anyone who want to truly be their best to train at NAKOA.

-Susan Helman
Member since February 2012