Noel Bagget

I joined NAKOA three years ago. It was recommended to me by a personal trainer who I had trained with previously. I came by and was impressed by the level of expertise I observed and by the enthusiasm that permeated the place.

I feel that the NAKOA staff has a high level of competence and professionalism. I mainly do group workouts. The groups are small enough to get personal attention when I need it. I also do one-on-one workouts with a personal trainer, usually Rob, who has honed in on what areas of fitness in which my body needs work. I have also taken advantage of getting physical therapy at NAKOA for a sore left hamstring muscle. NAKOA also has smoothies! I really enjoy getting a smoothie after a workout. It rejuvenates me and resupplies my body with protein to build muscle and carbohydrates to restore energy. When I’m working out and it gets difficult, I say to myself, “Keep sight of the prize”, i.e. the smoothie.

NAKOA has a spacious gym in Carlsbad with a good assortment of fitness machines and fitness devices. The workouts are in tune with the latest fitness knowledge emphasizing functional workouts. These workouts put the body through exercises that make groups of muscles work correctly together. That is the way the body is supposed to work in real life; muscles working together, not muscles working one at a time.

When I came to NAKOA my fitness level was good. I have been a long distance runner for 55 years and have also worked out during this time span. However, I am 73 years old and my body is aging. My strength and cardiorespiratory fitness are both excellent and NAKOA workouts have maintained this. However, my flexibility, balance, agility, quickness, and explosiveness have all needed work. NAKOA has helped me improve in these areas. I just recently competed in the California Senior Games (San Diego region) in fitness events. I did a personal best in the standing long jump of 6’ 1” and a personal best of 3:44 minutes in the plank.

To sum it up, NAKOA has aided me in reversing some aging that was going on in my body. NAKOA helps me have fun when I see what I can physically do and what I can improve on even though my body is getting older.

Noel Baggett