Michelle Penney

I am grateful for …The friends that I have made. The attitude there is infectious…They are all truly wonderful people … I have accomplished fitness goals that I never thought possible.

There are two things that originally kept me from pursuing a membership: a) time and b) intimidation. I have two boys that I have to drop off and pick up from daycare every weekday so morning and afternoon classes would not work. I didn’t think that, given this schedule, I would be able to commit to a fitness program because I had a membership at another gym that I never used already. And honestly, I was a little intimidated at the prospect of beginning a fitness program after having seen the type of athletes that not only coach but train there. I couldn’t even do 1 push-up! I felt way out of my league. Once I finally pulled the trigger though and decided to give it a chance, I became addicted. I am a stubborn person in general and found that the classes were challenging but that was what kept me coming back. I thought “Hey – I almost pulled that workout off! I bet next time I could do better!” and was reaffirmed and encouraged consistently by the coaches. Classes are still challenging but the reward I get when I accomplish a goal keeps me coming back for more.

My favorite thing about NAKOA are the coaches. By far. They are absolutely wonderful. I have taken classes with every single one of them and each has their own style and flair but all are funny, encouraging and tough as nails. Besides that, there are so many other things that I am grateful for as well from my time at NAKOA. The friends that I have made. The attitude there is infectious, both in the coaches and clients. They are all truly wonderful people to be around. Over time, I have accomplished fitness goals that I never thought possible. The attention that gets paid to doing things correctly and in a healthy way. I joined at the end of a recovery for a stress fracture in my leg. The coaches worked with me during the final stages of recovery and modified movements for me knowing my specific restrictions. The same can be said during my second pregnancy. I did classes until I was 38 weeks pregnant. The coaches were amazingly supportive and even put together a workout plan for when I was out on maternity leave.

Would I recommend NAKOA? Oh goodness, yes! And I do! I can’t say enough good things about my experience there. I was scared to sign up because after hearing about how challenging the classes are, I felt like I might not fit in very well. From the very first class with Carlsbad Fitness Coach Bianca, though, I was welcomed with open arms. She kicked my butt but did it with a huge smile on her face (and continues to do so!). I really feel like I have found a sort of fitness family and I look forward to each and every class.

Michelle Penney, 2016… member since…..
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