James Carr

Upon hearing about NAKOA Fitness and Physical Therapy I was somewhat skeptical of the cost. I heard from what I would consider credible sources, about the amazing culture this fitness and physical therapy center provides. However, I also wanted to keep in mind my budget and not absolutely destroy my extra spending cash. After I had taken a free trial the worry about cost went right out the window, I had to be apart of this community. Come to find out not only was the cost much less than what I anticipated, but Allison Nelson (Carlsbad Physical Therapist) was extremely helpful in handling all the tedious insurance paperwork that comes with entering physical therapy.

After routinely attending the fitness classes and physical therapy sessions, I could not help but feel I was a part of great like-minded community. Being a former professional and collegiate athlete the number one thing I miss is the comradery that comes with training sessions, and healing-up together. NAKOA no doubt provides that, and then some. Whether it be homework from physical therapy, or asking about the previous weekends activities, they care. That team atmosphere of everyone holding each person accountable is why I love NAKOA. I think people take for granted how tough that atmosphere is to create, and NAKOA absolutely did it to perfection.  

Along with the family, and accountability aspect of NAKOA, I truly enjoy participating with the other clients. As I said earlier it is a platform for like-minded people to get together and push themselves, mentally and physically. I can go take a class with an olympic athlete, or the marketing director of one of my favorite brands, but at the end of the day, we are all there for the same reason, and we stay there because of the contagious positive energy.

NAKOA becomes one of my daily routines, and it puts me in the proper mindset to go accomplish other tasks that are in front of me. I find myself telling everyone I know about NAKOA because I truly believe people need to experience what a team environment is. I have no doubt it carries over into personal and professional life. Given my background, that is the number one quality I look for in a person, “Can they perform well with a team?”

Overall my experience has been great. It is truly tough to put into words what attending NAKOA is like. I look forward each day to seeing other clients, the coaches, rehab specialists, etc. Truly grateful to be apart of the NAKOA family, and so glad I made the decision to give it a shot.