Issa Sultan

My initial concern prior to joining NAKOA was time management. Being an international student and an avid surfer, I didn’t think I could fit a solid workout regimen into my daily schedule. However, thanks to the coaches’ flexible schedules, NAKOA was able to provide me with a solid workout program that not only fit my day-to-day schedule, but also didn’t conflict with my schoolwork or surf time.

Choosing NAKOA as my fitness and therapy provider was definitely a great decision on my part. Most, if not all people usually have a certain goal in mind when joining a gym like NAKOA, and I can safely say that this is the closest I have been to reaching mine because of the innovative and effective techniques and methods that were catered to me, which took into consideration both my abilities and my goals. My progress at NAKOA, compared to fitness providers I have tried out, has been staggering. Based on more effort put in and less time spent, I am seeing my goals become a reality week by week and it feels nothing short of amazing!

It truly is difficult for me to pinpoint one feature that I like most about NAKOA since everything has been satisfactory. However, if I had to, it would definitely be their training: sports performance to be exact. To me, there was always a fine line between training hard and excelling at physical sports performance wise. With the help of the excellent performance coaches at NAKOA, I was able to find that fine line when my results made me realize that my training and physical sport routines actually complimented one another.

Three other benefits about NAKOA are the exceptional facility, atmosphere, and the smoothie bar. NAKOA moved to a new location recently and it is a well organized, clean, and visually appealing space that has a wide range of equipment. The crowd at

NAKOA is very friendly and humble, and that is something you notice immediately. There is a family feel to the place and everybody shares mutual respect for one another, which is something I find admirable. What is more satisfying than taking a sip out of your freshly made smoothie after an intense workout? The smoothies available at NAKOA are all delicious. Different ingredients make for different recipes that cater to different needs, making it very difficult to decide on which one to try, but also exciting to come back and try a different one after every workout.

I would definitely recommend NAKOA to people of all ages and abilities. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out! Join the NAKOA family as soon as you can.


Issa Sultan

Member since July 2015