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Our mission is to provide the highest quality rehabilitative services in order to improve your quality of life.

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What I love about NAKOA is they have great physical therapy in house that is integrated in my training process.

Eric Weinberg

Since joining this team I have made new friends, become more energetic, and have found a whole new community.

Sean Hibbs

Everyone encourages you to be your best and that flows over into my everyday life.

Susan Helman

The team atmosphere I feel when training at NAKOA makes me feel part of a fitness family.

Jen Dawson

… Bianca pushes me beyond my limits and inspires me to bring my best everyday.

Charlotte Mayorkas

I really feel like NAKOA has created a one of a kind family atmosphere which will make you love them.

Milo Maresala

I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to train and be part of your group.

Jesse Schuveiller

I am grateful for… the friends that I have made. The attitude there is infectious… they are all truly wonderful people!

Michelle Penney