Nancy Jo Wright
I have suffered from knee pain for the last 4 years while riding my horse. I went to 3 physical
Tennis Champion - Jen Dawson
The team atmosphere I feel when training at NAKOA makes me feel part of a fitness family. While competing in
Fitness Coach Testimonial - Susan
Everyone encourages you to be your best and that flows over into my everyday life. Playing hard has always been
Physical Therapy Testimonial - Sean Hibbs
Since joining this team I have made new friends, become more energetic, and have found a whole new community to
Rich Long As a Carlsbad local executive and father of 2 boys, I knew I was in trouble when they
I joined NAKOA three years ago. It was recommended to me by a personal trainer who I had trained with
What I love about NAKOA is they have great physical therapy in house that is integrated in my training process,
Personal Training Testimonial - Patrick Weathers
...when I first started training at NAKOA, I couldn’t do a single pullup...Now, after putting in the hours and receiving
Fitness Coach Testimonial - Michelle
I am grateful for ...The friends that I have made. The attitude there is infectious...They are all truly wonderful people
Personal Trainer Testimonial - Milo
I really feel like NAKOA has created a one of a kind family atmosphere which will make you love the
Personal Trainer Testimonial - J Schu
I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to train and be part of your group. It is something
Physical Therapist Testimonial - JR
That team atmosphere of everyone holding each person accountable is why I love Nakoa. I think people take for granted
My initial concern prior to joining NAKOA was time management. Being an international student and an avid surfer, I didn’t
Charlotte Mayorkas - Fitness Coach Testimonial
...Bianca pushes me beyond my limits and inspires me to bring my best everyday.