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Summer Camps


Are you looking for a fun and fulfilling summer camp for your kids?
We offer a unique opportunity for your child(ren) to attend a session of our camp at no cost to you.

Our camp has been classified as a summer enrichment program offered by Charter Home Schools.
Registering for this ‘summer only’ class qualifies you for a session of our camp at no cost.

To be clear, you are not transferring schools! You are simply signing up for a single charter program. Registration in that class entitles you to the same state funding public schools receive so they can offer summer school classes at no cost to CA residents. This will have no effect on your child’s enrollment in their current school.

What we love about this program is that it gives all families the opportunity to send their kids to summer camp. Nearly everyone qualifies for this no-cost option. If your child is a California resident, in 2nd to 12th grade, and is not enrolled in summer school through the public school system, then he/she is eligible.


Session One


NAKOA Facility in Carlsbad


July 8th to July 12th

Session Two


NAKOA Facility in Carlsbad


July 15th to July 19th

NAKOA Warrior Kids Camp Description

What Kind of camp do we run?

Our camp utilizes physical activity to build character and develop leadership skills. We teach them how they play the game is just as important as winning versus losing. They are sent home with daily challenges to read, do their chores, eat healthily, make their beds, and keep their rooms clean.


Participants will get a NAKOA Warrior t-shirt, on the first day of camp. The t-shirt will feature our Character Values of the Day which represents the overall theme we will be teaching.

Day One:

Campers show up to camp and are divided into teams. Each team participates in an icebreaker activity to get to know each other. As a group, they design a team flag which they carry with them throughout the week. From this point on each team rotates through different stations:


As a team, they discuss the meaning of the Character Value of the Day (i.e. Integrity, Gratitude, Perseverance, & Leadership). Immediately following, they engage in activities designed to build team unity and trust.


Games and other physical activities. Examples include, but are not limited to: Flag pull, poison ball, switch sides, lightning soccer, running obstacle courses, or a wide variety of other character and physical development challenges

Campers will have opportunities throughout each day to earn team points by demonstrating the camp’s values. Points will be also be awarded for those who complete their daily home challenges. Scores are tallied on the last day. The camp finale is a WATER BATTLE! Each team’s water supply is determined by their total score.

Our goal is to put the kids in an environment where they must work as a team to overcome challenges. They will learn how to support one another and deal with adversity. Not all competitions will be physical. Many challenges will involve critical thinking and communication skills. This will “level the playing field” and give each camper a chance to thrive and learn.

Leadership Development Camp

Within our weekly camp, we are running our Leadership Development Camp.
This is where incoming 7th-12th graders can make the jump from camp participant to a future leader.
We will have two categories: Junior Leaders and Senior Leaders.


Junior leaders will be 7th-10th graders and will have opportunities to lead by example. They are in essence junior camp counselors. They will be assigned to a younger group and will function within the group.

**Even though this is a volunteer position we want
them to go through the hiring process so that they
can gain skills in interviewing and resume writing.


Senior Leaders are camp counselors and they
will need to apply for this program and will include 9-12th graders. They will be responsible for their team and junior leader. This is a paid position with the opportunity for a weekly bonus.


  • Students entering TK through 12th grade in Fall 2018
  • California residents who are not enrolled in any other summer classes at a public charter school or public high school.

Will I receive a grade for the class,
or will this be on my transcript?

  • No. Since the classes or camps are summer enrichment programs, they are not eligible for units/ grades.
  • No. Classes are non-academic and will not be recorded on a transcript.

What if I return to my primary school
before August 31 for my fall semester?

  • Not a problem. You will be unenrolled prior to to the start of your 1st-day of school for your fall semester.

I participate in high school sports;
will this affect eligibility?

  • No. We have discussed this issue at length with the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), the governing body of public schools.
  • They do not see this as a transfer between schools.
  • This program has absolutely no effect on athletic eligibility.


  • No. You are not transfering schools.
  • Registration is for summer enrollment sessions only.

When in the Summer Does
your program Run?

  • July to August 31st

Do I need to attend every day?

  • No. But depending on your class or camp your instructor may ask you to do work on your own.

Is there Homework?

  • Yes. There are at least two assignments (work samples) required.
  • And they are not graded

Who’s Paying for this?

  • California Department of Education

If you have any other specific questions, please ask us.
Complete the information below and someone will get back to you.
Thank you!

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