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Why Resolutions are Bullsh*t and Community Matters

So…it’s getting towards the end of January…how are those resolutions coming along? Are you smashing it? Are you in the hole already? Or are you floating somewhere in between? Trust me, I know it’s tough, most of us start out with grand plans of being on point with our body, strong, fast, functional and at a fighting weight with a six pack and a rock hard butt (maybe that last part is just me hehe) but then work, family, pure laziness and who knows what else creeps in to complicate the schedule and next thing you know you haven’t worked out in a week and you just bought two more pints of Ben & Jerry’s at the store to compliment your chicken salad…I know I’m not the only one with a mega sweet tooth! But no worries! Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not the cold turkey type. I’m certainly not. Maybe that’s not the best approach anyway. What if this year you just ditched the resolutions altogether, forgot about the finish line and instead just focused on building an awesome community around. Spend time with people who are living the way you want to live and it’s bound to rub off on you right?

One of my biggest inspirations this new year, has been YOU guys! Giving birth to the awesomeness that is our new baby, Luke, was definitely the highlight of my 2016, but after so many months of waddling around with a torpedo belly, and then subtracting any sort of a regular sleep pattern and adding in the slightly overwhelming aspect of being a new mom, getting back in shape seemed a heck of a lot harder than I had imagined originally. I knew that I definitely was going to need some serious help getting my groove back.

Fitness is always a hot topic with New Year’s resolutions. And we know the benefits run way deeper that what we see on the surface. Working out and feeling good about your body is something that hugely impacts the rest of your life. It leads to you being happier at work, more active at home, more excited to get up and take on the day, and more content overall. It’s what allows you to feel young surfing your favorite break even when the years keep on coming; it’s what allows you to enjoy family adventures even when they involve hours of walking around the zoo with a kid on your back; and it’s what motivates you to reach for new goals like that off-road triathlon you’ve alway had on your bucket list. More often than not, our fitness goals start as resolutions but, unless you learn to actually really enjoy working out and build a solid consistent fitness routine into your schedule, chances are it will always be a struggle and you might not ever really accomplish your goals. Heck, there are numbers out there that only 20% of resolutions are successful by the second week of February. That doesn’t speak well for resolutions. For me, to want to keep doing something over and over again, it has to be fun, I have to enjoy it… And that’s where COMMUNITY comes in!

After the doctor gave me the green light to exercise again, I was nervous, anxious and excited all in one. I decided to just hop into one of our group classes and it’s the best thing I could have ever done! Despite feeling exhausted from just the warm up, I couldn’t help but feel encouraged being surrounded by everyone’s positivity. I had people encouraging me, pushing me, and pulling me back in when I felt like I wanted to quit. Not to mention the amazing amount of high fives and friendly joking around between sets. It just feels so good to be part of a team, and I was so grateful to be welcomed back so warmly. It’s what has pushed me to keep coming back, finding a way through my hectic schedule and getting closer and closer to where I want to be.

Now, I’m back coaching on Wednesday nights and man does it feel good. Getting to give back that motivation that you guys have given me and put more positive energy into this awesome community that has come to be my home. Seeing you all sweat your asses off and support each other totally lights my fire and fuels my drive. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing group training or privates, the amount of love and good vibes around our community infuses into everyone and it’s what keeps us coming back for more. And this, in turn, is what keeps us accountable. It’s not because we said we were going to do it, it’s because we want to.

So I have to say THANK YOU to you all. NAKOA is one of the best things in my life, and this community is a huge factor of what drives me every day, keeps me committed to my health, and enjoying the process, even if it does involves a little more Air Assault Bike than I might like (“hell’s tricycle” as Coach Jason Maher calls it). So let’s kick ass this year together by showing up, doing the work, having a ton of fun and reaping the rewards! Let’s make 2017 the year of growth for all of us! #teamnakoa #nakoastrong

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