NAKOA’s Physical Therapy Department offers a unique integrative approach consisting of personalized one-on-one treatments with a Doctor of Physical Therapy that are tailored to every client’s individual needs, skill level and overall goals. Our highly skilled doctors utilize a large number of manual therapy techniques complemented with corrective exercises, neuro re-education and consistent reassessment.

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Our insurance billing team is happy to verify your insurance benefits for you prior to your physical therapy evaluation.  We accept all PPO insurances and offer extremely competitive cash rates. We are preferred providers for Blue Shield, Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, United Healthcare, Tricare


Initial Evaluation 60 minutes


Physical Therapy Visit 40 minutes


PPO insurance accepted, prescription needed

Wellness Visit 40 minutes


Cash rate, no doctors prescription needed

Sports Massage 60 minutes



Our mission is to provide the highest quality rehabilitative services in order to improve your quality of life through functional exercise and corrective manual therapy. Whether you are a professional athlete, weekend warrior, have nagging pain, or are just looking for preventative care our physical therapy team in Carlsbad will take care of you.
        • Sports specific exercise
        • Myofascial release
        • Joint mobilizations
        • Massage
        • Cupping
        • Blood Flow Restriction (BFR)
        • Percussion
        • Vasopneumatic compression
        • Kinesio Taping
      • Video running analysis
      • Spinal mobilizations
      • Muscle energy techniques
      • Active/Passive release techniques
      • Mobilizations with movement
      • ALINE custom orthotic fitting
      • Electrical stimulation
      • Ultrasound

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Everyone encourages you to be your best and that flows over into my everyday life.

Playing hard has always been my thing, I guess you can say I’m an adrenaline junkie. I was lucky enough to compete competitively from a young age in equestrian show jumping, snowboarding, and motocross.

However, I managed to put my body through a serious beating in the process. I came to NAKOA fresh off my last double knee surgery, having had ten total between the two knees. The physical therapy I received along with the coaching was exceptional. The physical therapy girls treated me with a superior level of expertise that I had never received before. I graduated from therapy and started training with Bianca.

To this date, I have to say, I never felt better in my life and it’s all thanks to my coach Bianca and the amazing Physical Therapy Team at NAKOA. Bianca has designed program after program specifically around my body’s individual needs. She strengthened my knees so much so that I no longer have any pain, and has also strengthened my core and posture so much that I am able to ride without back pain either. Did I forget to mention that I have five herniated discs in my lower back? I ride show jumpers for a living again and my back pain has been a constant struggle, that is until now. With Bianca’s coaching, my physical as well as mental well being, has never been better. I honestly do not know where I would be without her! NAKOA is a place like no other. Once you walk in the door, you feel like you are welcomed into a family and a sense of community. Everyone encourages you to be your best and that flows over into my everyday life. I am eternally grateful to Bianca and Nakoa for changing my life and encourage anyone who want to truly be their best to train at NAKOA.

Susan Helman, Physical Therapy Client since February 2012

Since joining this team I have made new friends, become more energetic, and have found a whole new community to be a part of.

After winning an awesome package to NAKOA through a friends fundraiser, I immediately thought that only professional athletes would survive these workouts, and I was not one of those. What I have come to find 6 months later is I was wrong.. Regardless if training for a sport as a career or just to stay fit and healthy, both the clientele, coaches, and physical therapists create a challenging yet inclusive environment that helps push clients further than you expect you can go while providing support the entire way.

Since joining this team I have made new friends, become more energetic, and have found a whole new community to be a part of. With working out there is bound to be some injuries along the way, especially me being me. I have been lucky enough at NAKOA to have the Physical Therapy department tightly intertwined with the coaches. This has helped to guide me in which exercises are helping and hurting me. It has also made me more conscious of proper ways to do things knowing there are always eyes on me. Just because you may be done with the table doesn’t mean that you are in the clear. The coaches and physical therapists will always continue to make sure you are doing everything the best you can to avoid further injuries.

I have recommended and will continue to recommend NAKOA to friends and colleagues. It puts me in a good mood leaving there even after sweating it all on the turf.

Sean Hibbs, Physical Therapy Client since January 2016

Honestly, I can’t imagine going anywhere else, and I would certainly not trust any other trainers or physical therapists to work on my family and me.

My husband, daughter, and I have been going to NAKOA for nearly four years. Although our most recent visits have been for physical therapy, our initial experience with NAKOA began when I was searching for sport specific training for my daughter who was playing high-level competitive soccer. I am fitness professional with over 30 years of experience so not only are my standards extremely high, but I know what to look for. My daughter had tried a few of the youth athletic training programs in our area, and none of them even came close to meeting my expectations or her needs. Then a friend told me about NAKOA, and, after researching it online, I decided to give it a try.

My daughter’s first training session was with Ryan Gallop, and I was beyond impressed with his knowledge and ability to hone in on her specific needs. He has worked with her for both soccer and track, which improved her game and resulted in multiple PRs and records in track. I actually didn’t know they had a physical therapy department, but a few years later I had to have knee surgery, and really needed to properly rehab it so I could get back to work. I initially went to a Physical Therapy team that I had gone to in the past, but was very disappointed with the treatment I was receiving, and ended up needing a second surgery. I was desperate to find a true sports physical therapist when a friend recommended…… NAKOA!

Best physical therapy I’ve ever had! I was able to get back to my full fitness schedule way sooner than anticipated, and my knee felt strong and stable. A short time later my husband needed shoulder surgery, so of course, I sent him to see Allison to rehab it, and he got great results. The family affair continued with my daughter who sees Alison for various soccer-related injuries, and Alison always gets her on the mend. And because of the wear and tear, I put on my body Allison is my go-to person to work on everything from biceps tendinitis to a torn calf.

What we all love about NAKOA is that they make you feel like family. Yes, they are all 100% professional, but they also truly care about you. From the front desk girls, to the trainers, to the physical therapists NAKOA provides top-notch service. And it doesn’t matter if you’re an elite athlete or a weekend warrior – they treat and train everyone based on individual needs – no ego and no judgement, When friends ask us about sports training for their child, or if we know of a good physical therapist, NAKOA is our #1 recommendation because we have experienced first-hand the expert service they provide. And the feedback I get is always outstanding. Honestly, I can’t imagine going anywhere else, and I would certainly not trust any other trainers or physical therapists to work on my family and me.

Monique Mason, Physical Therapy Client since January 2012