Jason Waiton

“When you create a purpose, your whole life changes. Unlike a goal, which establishes some end point in an already existing direction, when you create a new purpose it establishes a new direction for your life, and given that the direction of your life has changed, your whole life changes.” - Werner Erhard

Owner, founder, and empowering leader of our team, Jason Waiton had a vision that he could revolutionize the way people experience fitness. His underlying belief, though simple, is harder to truly infuse into people’s mindsets regarding themselves, and that is that anything is possible. As a small kid Jay excelled in all sorts of sports, but when he got to high school, not having hit his growth spurt yet, he was told by coaches on the football team that he was too small to play. Discouraged, disheartened and not knowing any better, he figured that his sports career was over. It wasn’t until chance introduced him to a future mentor, someone long established in the fitness industry, who opened his eyes to a world of tools and training avenues available to him to help him that could open up a world of possibility, not just to transform not just his body physically but athletically as well as improve is overall health, confidence, and capability to take on anything. This was the spark that ignited Jay’s interest in fitness and led him to pursue an extensive journey of research and education to make himself a master in this field.

Jay realized how few people really understood the power and potential that proper training could have on their lives and across all types of demographics, from budding youth, to active adults, to busy moms and dads, to business executives, to professional athletes; anyone and everyone can benefit from good health and training. Jay also realized that the actual physical training portion was only a piece of the pie. What about injury prevention, team building, nutrition, mindset and motivation. If all of these pieces could be combined and delivered in an empowering environment, the results for people could be life changing. Instead of trying to be the only one that possessed the key, however, Jay thought why not empower others to do the same so that the effect and results could be magnified on a much greater scale. So that is what he set out to do, to build a collaborative team of experts from Doctors of Physical Therapy to established Sports Performance Coaches to Nutritional Coaches to everyone in between with something valuable to offer and have everyone share their expertise and educate each other so that the entire team has a greater skillset, tool box, and overall vision from which to help people. That is the foundation on which Jason has built and continues to evolve NAKOA in an effort to having the greatest impact on changing people’s lives for the better and empowering them to live the life of their dreams.

Personal Trainer in Carlsbad - Jason Waiton