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A Letter to a Skinny Long Jumper

Since Track & Field holds a very nostalgic, special place in my heart, I am going to be educating through a series of excerpts from an imaginary letter to my high school self (I know that sounds weird, bare with me).

Yo buddy,
It’s YOU from the future. Since you weren\’t good enough to actually BECOME a pro athlete, you are doing the next best thing and TRAINING them. That means you NOW know how AWESOME Coach Herzog and Coach Barry were for our Track team, but how many individual things YOU could have done BETTER to be a more accomplished Track athlete. Physical preparation for Track & Field has to go beyond showing up to practice & working hard, and with this additional knowledge, all of our PR\’s and RESULTS at big meets will be surpassed. So, here\’s how we get you to the next level:

Movement Preparation

Our coaches did a great job of building a routine that we did each and every day before practice and meets, but science has shown us a much more efficient way to WARM UP. Incorporating joint mobility, muscle activation, primal pattern grooving, active stretching and locomotive skills will make us ALL much more prepared for the workouts or events ahead of us each day. Give this a shot!

Download our Movement Preparation guide now!


Do to the harsh fact that Track & Field events are geared towards a lot of, ya know, RUNNING…it is easy to treat the different drills (marching, high knees, sprints etc) as a tedious act. BUT, truly focusing on the actions and goals of each drill can DRASTICALLY improve your turnover, stride length, efficiency and running economy. Watch this video of a friend of mine (who happens to be called the World\’s Fastest Rugby Player) as he performs marching, A-Run and fast leg drills. These are simple yet effective drills that can help you get FASTER, and because of Carlin\’s extensive track background, they are performed PERFECTLY!

Strength Training

Here\’s news flash #1 for you Skinny Man….Spending 45 minutes in the weight room while doing 3 sets of 10 leg presses, leg extensions, leg curls and calf raises will NOT make you run faster or jump farther! What is common knowledge NOW that was never discussed way back THEN is that optimizing STRENGTH in athletes increases their ability to produce FORCE, aka run FASTER, jump BIGGER and throw FARTHER! Sneak into line with the Shot Putters and get in the SQUAT RACK! Ask the upperclassmen sprinters to show you how to LUNGE!!! Do PLANKS instead of CRUNCHES! Without a doubt our winter track long jump record would have lasted way longer had we been WAYYYYY STRONGER!

Keep your eye out for an email from me with a strength plan to follow…..oh right, you don\’t know what email IS….

For Track & Field Strength Training Guidance, please contact our Program Director Jason Maher at


Here\’s news flash #2 for you Skinny Man…..\”Carb Loading\” the night before the League Championships Meet with egg rolls, chicken lo mein, and Pepsi is REALLY STUPID! For athletes, our food is our FUEL, and as the expression goes \”you don\’t put crappy unleaded gas in a Ferrari\”. Soda dehydrates you, junk food smashes our energy levels, and BOTH can lead to crappy sleep. A balanced meal plan of quality foods and CONSISTENTLY staying hydrated (not chugging water the morning of a meet and then trying not to wet yourself in the starting blocks) can lead to higher levels of success, as well as decrease recovery time between events and training sessions! Check out the pdf below….#yourewelcome

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Alright, dude, knowledge bombs have been dropped. Educate yourself with the information, put it into action, and get BETTER!

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