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Get To Know The NAKOA Physical Therapy Team

Get to know Allison Nelson, Director of Physical Therapy at NAKOA!

Do you have any nicknames?
Chico (my maiden name), Cheeks, Al, Alli, Big Al (haha not my favorite) 

How long have you been at NAKOA?
I have been at NAKOA since 2013 

If you could have one superpower what would it be?
To breathe underwater and fulfill my dream of being a mermaid 

Whats your favorite food to indulge in?
Chocolate chip cookies or french fries…depending on the craving

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Hmmm I don\’t really have one, but maybe one of the Ryans … Gosling, Reynolds 

What’s your favorite exercise to do in the gym?
Deadlifts…the heavy kind 

What your favorite way to spend a weekend? 

Hanging with my hubby and son (Hunter), surfing, hiking, wake surfing, …but currently just getting extra sleep since I\’m 29 weeks pregnant

What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?
I\’ve never had any major injuries. I\’ve always been in water sports…synchronized swimming, water polo, swimming so I\’ve had some minor shoulder issues but nothing significant.

What’s your best memory from this summer?
The highlight of my summer was getting to reunite with my closest friends from PT school at a couple weddings.

Any goals you’re working towards before the end of 2017?
Pushing out this baby and getting back to work! 

Why should someone get treatment from the Physical Therapy Team at NAKOA? What sets NAKOA apart? NAKOA Physical Therapy is truly a unique experience from other traditional clinics. The PT\’s work toward getting patients back to a higher level of function through longer appointment times that are spent purely with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. We also have the unique ability to work closely with the performance coaches in order to transition clients from PT into training, group classes, and/or ultimately back to doing the sport they love.

Interested in receiving physical therapy from our top-of-the-line Doctors and Therapists? 

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