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Power Exercises in Carlsbad, Ca

Exercises To Improve Your Power

Depth Jump: Start by standing on a box with one foot forward and arms up in preparation to snap them back with the hips. Allow yourself to fall toward the ground, and on impact, immediately force the ground away with minimal ground contact. Land on the box in front if you. Your landing position may vary based on goals. Tall, power, or deceleration landings can all be used. Rotation may be used also as a variable as you see @shecks demonstrating below.

Speed squats with accommodating resistance: Speed squats with chains or bands are a great option when trying to improve power and rate of force development. This exercise should be performed as explosively as possible. Sets of 1-3 repetitions at 50-70% are optimal in order to maintain power and quality movement. Clusters, pause, and reactive variables may all be used depending on the phase of programming.

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