NAKOA Fire Assessment

Corrective Exercise Videos

Part I: Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

These video playlists are designed to help you improve the movement patterns in the Functional Movement Screen (FMS) portion of your NAKOA Assessment. The playlists are broken down per FMS test (there are 7 movement tests) and for some movement tests there are more than one playlist to help isolate areas that need work.

1. Deep Squat Test

1A) Upper Body Corrective Playlist
1B) Lower Body Corrective Playlist

2. Hurdle Step Test

3. Inline Lunge Test

3A) Upper Body Corrective Playlist
3B) Lower Body Corrective Playlist
3C) Trunk Stability Corrective Playlist

4. Shoulder Mobility Test

5. Active Straight Leg Raise Test

6. Trunk Stability Push-up Test

7. Rotary Stability Test

Part II: Physical Therapy Testing

These video playlists are designed to help you improve issues identified in the Physical Therapy Screening portion of your NAKOA Assessment. Refer to the “Recommendations” portion at the bottom of the Physical Therapy Screen section to see what playlists are relevant for you.

Serratus Anterior Weakness

Mid/Low Trap Weakness

Rotator Cuff (Infraspinatus) Weakness

Hamstring Strengthening/Stretching

Hip Strengthening

Shoulder Mobs/Stretching

Hip Mobs/Stretching

Quad and/or Hip Flexor Tightness

Neck Stretches

Low Back

Part III: Performance Testing

See below to help you improve your results in the Performance Testing Section of your NAKOA Assessment. 

Sorensen Back Extension Test

Trunk Stability Test

Cardiovascular Recovery Test

To improve your cardiovascular base and heart rate recovery rate try incorporating both high intensity interval training as well as some long term steady state exercise (30+ minutes).