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Your Checklist for the rest of Summer

It might feel like summer lasts forever in San Diego, but according to Google the actual last day of summer is September 22nd… and that’s coming up quick! When summer first started did you have all sorts of plans in mind of how you were going to take advantage of the beautiful weather and care-free vibes? But then, suddenly, it’s two months in and maybe you’ve hit the beach twice and grilled a hot dog once? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. You can still make the most of the rest of summer with these awesome ideas.

Go on a Mini-Adventure


Hit the road with friends and head in any direction, just make sure the AC is blasting and you’ve got the perfect playlist lined up. Head east to the Devils Punchbowl or north to Big Bear for a weekend camping trip. If you want to be by the water, catch the ferry to Catalina Island and spend the weekend kayaking and laying on the beach. Small trips like these are the easiest way to feel like you’re getting a mini-vacation in without breaking the bank or taking too much time off work.

Attend A Local Event


When is there not a beer festival going on in San Diego? Check out BeerX at the Waterfront Park or get tickets to Kaboo in Del Mar. Or for a healthier (and less costly!) option, sign up for a 5k run or walk. Also, make sure to check out a local art walk. It’s a great opportunity to support local businesses and artists and explore San Diego. LeucadiArt is held August 27th and Liberty Station has their own Art Walk on the weekend of August 12th.

Go Swimming


The beach, the bay, the pool – whatever body of water is nearest to you, jump in! You don’t want it to be December wishing you had spent more time floating on a giant pizza shape pool toy or swimming in the ocean before it got too cold. Plus, swimming is an incredible workout. Try body surfing to enjoy the ocean and get your muscles engaged.

Outdoor Yoga


Find the nearest outdoor yoga class to you. It’s a completely different experience in a park or on the beach. You get to enjoy the natural scenery around you, take in the boost of Vitamin D from the sun and feel more connected to your community. A lot of local classes are also donation based so you don’t have to feel like you’re spending too much money on this unique experience. Try out a donation based yoga class in Balboa Park that’s held every Sunday morning at 11:00 AM. It’s accompanied by a live guitarist and surrounded by trees and fresh air to give you that extra zen vibe.

Iced Drinks


You might have missed your chance to try out the Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino, but there are still so many delicious iced beverages to take advantage of in this heat. If you’re really looking for an energy boost try the Iced Best Drink Ever at Better Buzz or for something less intense opt for an iced green tea from your local coffee shop. Or if you don’t need the extra caffeine buzz, try one of these refreshing smoothie recipes.

Get more ZZZ’s


Screw it, take a nap! Sleep in this weekend and don’t let anyone give you a guilt trip. Summer is latin for “sweet slumber” after all (not really but just go with it) so go ahead and snooze on the couch, by the pool or on the nearest hammock. If you’re napping on the beach just make sure to have on lots of sunscreen and be prepared to wake up buried in the sand with embarrassing pictures of your sleeping self posted on your friends Instagram.

Watch the Sunset


When daylight savings rolls around we always forget how great we had it with 8 pm sunsets so don’t forget to take advantage of it while you still can. Be as cliché as you want and head to Sunset Cliffs to enjoy the sun setting over the ocean, or hike up Torrey Pines and time it out so that you reach the top just as the sun is going down for a picture perfect moment.

Get on a Boat


You’re probably thinking – what like it’s so easy to find a boat? Well, IT IS! There are so many boats to rent in San Diego and so many different kinds! You don’t need to think up some excuse to ask that random acquaintance if they’ll take you out for a ride on their boat, instead you can be your own captain! Check out the Duffy Boats you can rent out of Mission Beach and Oceanside harbor or get weird with it and rent a boat with a hot tub. Yes – you read that correctly – you can rent a boat with a hot tub on it from the cleverly named Hot Tub Cruisin boat company also located in Mission Beach. Get a big group together so you can all pitch in on the cost and get out on the bay for the perfect summer day on the water.

Let’s face it, we live in the best place on earth, San Diego! You really have NO excuse to not be taking full advantage of the rest of summer. Even if you feel like the last two months have flown by, it doesn’t mean there still isn’t time to take a road trip, get in the water or rent that hot tub boat you’ve been dreaming of ever since we mentioned it.

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