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Author: NAKOA Performance

With all their attention in recent years, most people are at least moderately aware of the term Superfood and some of the most common ones, like chia seeds, for example. There are those that embrace it and are throwing chia seeds in things left and right from coffee to meatloaf! Then there are others who aren’t quite sure if it’s really worth the break in their routine and recipes. Well, here are a few facts to keep you educated and in-­the-­know, so you can decide for yourself. 1. HIGH IN NUTRIENTS,

While complete diet makeovers can be overwhelming, focusing on simple changes makes eating healthy both manageable and sustainable over time. Instead of throwing your kitchen and eating habits, focus on making these simple food swaps to help reduce saturated fats, increase protein and burn a few extra calories. Here are many of our favorite food and ingredient swaps: 1. Choose coconut oil or ghee – NOT margarine. WHY? Coconut oil has many health benefits including improved hair and skin, cholesterol level maintenance, weight loss, boosted immune system, healthy digestion and regulated metabolism.

For those some of us who have to get up early in the morning, but may not necessarily be morning people, there seems to be this constant battle between "more sleep" and "having enough time" in the morning. Between showering, walking around half-naked in a stupor, making breakfast, and all the other little tasks that seem to add up to a mountain to do in the morning it's easy to end up skipping breakfast or going with something less nutritious in favor of something quick and easy. But what if

One of the most critical determinants on whether your employee wellness plan is going to give you the results you desire is executive and management engagement and support. Like most other initiatives in the corporate world, wellness too needs to be a top­down strategy. A Towers Watson 2012 Global Study shows that only 42% of employees say that their managers support policies that promote health in the workplace. Only 45% of employees say that their manager has a genuine care for their well­being. These numbers are pretty depressing, but fret not!

When NAKOA was asked to be the Sports Performance provider for the Charger's Cheerleaders Performance Coach Sean Maguire happily stepped up to the task knowing that Cheerleaders need to be trained and conditioned just like players on the field they cheer on. It takes a ton of strength, power and muscular endurance, not to mention that amazing figure we see on the sidelines to be a Charger's Girl. So just what are they doing to maintain such awesome bodies? Check out Coach Sean going through one of the Chargers Cheerleader

Keanu Asing was born and raised with the ocean as his playground and surfing as playtime. He has dedicated his life to the pursuit of his dream of becoming a pro surfer and making the world tour. With the love and support of his family, specialized sport specific training here at NAKOA, and the most rock hard work ethic and genuine heart. Keanu finally saw his dreams come true in 2015 making his debut on tour with the World Surf League. Take a look at what his upbringing was like

The New Year rolls around every year and suddenly there is a mad dash to set up all our goals for the year and fitness is often on many people’s list. Many people experience weight gain over the winter time often correlating to the holidays, vacations, and a bit of overindulgence in general. So weight loss become a popular topic in the New Year. The problem with the simple term weight loss is that it does not give us a clear indication of body composition. As people are becoming aware of

First and foremost, I want to congratulate my good friend Keanu Asing for achieving his dream and qualifying for the 2015 World Surf League (formerly the ASP World Tour), there’s not a more deserving or well-respected young man in the sport of surfing today. Congrats Anu! Secondly, this is not some super technical training blog about how the team here at NAKOA got Keanu in to peak physical condition over the last 18 months (those will be coming later!). This is about a young athlete with drive and maturity beyond his years