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Why 4th of July is the BEST Holiday

Reason #1

DUH! It’s the day after my birthday! My birthday is July 3rd, so it ends up being a party weekend. I grew up in Columbus, Ohio and on July 3rd we would have a huge event called Red, White, and Boom.  It was always on my birthday in downtown Columbus.  The night consisted of food, booze, and fireworks, and my dad said the fireworks were for my birthday.  I believed him then and I still do!

Who doesn’t like to deck out in red, white, and blue?  It’s a chance to let our real ‘MERICA shine. Whether it be a g-string, banana hammock, or just a gold old-fashioned John Deere hat. If it’s a good day you put it all together and have one hell of a party!

Reason #3

Sparklers, Poppers, and Fireworks oh my! I mean doesn’t everyone love the chaos of dogs getting scared shitless and kids screaming?  It’s even more fun when people get some liquid courage and try to shoot them off in your neighborhood (yes that happened in my hood a few years back!). But there is something to be said about patriotic songs and fireworks popping off that brings a tear to my eye every year. Proud to be MERICAN!!!

Reason #4

You get to spend the entire day with family and friends! Everyone is outside, enjoying the sunshine, barbecuing, playing beach games, and building bonfires. And who isn’t in a good mood on the 4th of July? Everyone is celebrating the same occasion so it’s a perfect opportunity to make new friends, get to know your neighbors, and enjoy time with your loved ones.

Reason #5

Speaking of barbecues and bonfires… 4th of July is the best excuse to have an all-out food fest and enjoy some all-American classics. It’s usually expected that everyone has to show up to a 4th of July occasion with SOME kind of dish so you know the table is going to be loaded with plenty of hamburgers, hot dogs, coleslaw, potato salad, desserts and more! If you’re not sure what you’ll be cooking up yet check out Ave’s recipes for the perfect dips to make and impress your family and friends with!

Reason #6

Summah Summah Summah Summahtimmmmmeeeee.  It’s officially summer once the 4th of July hits! The alcohol is flowing, suns out buns out, and who doesn’t love to have smores every night?

With that being said. Hike up your cut-off shorts, grab a friend, a Coors light, and some dynamite, and let’s celebrate Independence Day!

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