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August 2017

Get to know Allison Nelson, Director of Physical Therapy at NAKOA! Do you have any nicknames? Chico (my maiden name), Cheeks, Al, Alli, Big Al (haha not my favorite)  How long have you been at NAKOA? I have been at NAKOA since 2013  If you could have one superpower what would it be? To breathe underwater and fulfill my dream of being a mermaid  Whats your favorite food to indulge in? Chocolate chip cookies or french fries

You or the kids might be headed back to school, or maybe your schedule is about to get really busy, but that's still no excuse to start slacking on your diet! Here are four easy (and healthy!) recipes to make when you're short on time or when you need something to munch on while you're on the go. 3 Ingredient Pancakes Ingredients: 1 ripe banana 1 egg 1 handful oats Directions: Mash banana in a bowl until smooth consistency. Add in the egg and oats and mix together. Put coconut oil in a

Surfing is not the first thing you think of when considering sports-related injuries. However, it has its fair-share of complications. Surfing poses risks of concussion, head injury, and even spinal fractures. Although these injuries are scary, they are much less common and not necessarily preventable with preparation (other than looking out for nearby kooks). Many musculoskeletal injuries, on the other hand, are preventable. This blog outlines some simple preemptive steps you can take to protect yourself from sprains, strains, and worse. Mobility! Mobility! Mobility! The BEST thing you can do for your