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December 2016

Winter Youth Athletic Development Camp start January 30. Register now! Our 8-week Winter Youth Athletic Development Camp is designed for athletes of all abilities ages 10-18. SIGN UP NOW Call the front desk at (760) 804-1700 or email us at   NAKOA’s Youth Athletic Development Camps are designed to offer quality, results-driven training to athletes of all ages, abilities, and sport. The camps will be organized and delivered by NAKOA’s performance coaches in a group setting, with a focus on FUN and SMART age-appropriate training. Programming for ages 10-14 and 15-18 will be offered

Whether you’re a performance coach or even just a fitness enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of and played around with “MetCon” (Metabolic Conditioning) and "HIIT" (High-Intensity Interval Training). Many well know names in fitness such as CrossFit, Insanity, and Orange Theory base their workouts around this. Here I dive into how to make these techniques more effective. People love instant gratification. That’s why the workout programs listed above are so popular. Most people want to feel like they crushed it in their workout, they want to feel validated for their hard work,

With the winter season fast approaching, we turn our sights on a sport with physical grueling demands: ice hockey. Ice hockey demands a strong conditioning program to help you perform better on the ice and we’ll outline some tactics that will keep hockey athletes prepared all year, especially here in Southern California. When developing a sports conditioning program, the first step you must take is analyzing the physiological demands of the sport. Once you understand what the sport is asking the athlete to do, we can develop a plan to