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November 2016

If you are anything like me you have a love-hate relationship with Thanksgiving. You work so hard to stay healthy then the holidays come and all of your self-control goes right out the window. I am not here to take all of the joy out of Thanksgiving but instead provide you with some healthier alternatives that will still satisfy your traditional Thanksgiving cravings and make you feel better about having that extra glass of wine. With my 5 healthy Thanksgiving recipes, I have substituted all of the processed ingredients with

We get it. The time between Thanksgiving and New Years is one of the hardest times to stick to your fitness routine. It can be tempting to brush off your sports performance training session or group class to concentrate on extra servings of mashed potatoes, lazy mornings and visiting family and friends. Here are a few of our favorite simple ways to stay active, hold onto your fitness, and still have fun and spend time with friends during the holiday season. 1. Challenge a Buddy to a New Workout Goal Strength in

Your NAKOA team sent a new newsletter out packed with a ton of info you'll want to read about how we prepare our pro surfers for a long competition season. Learn how 2016 Quiksilver Pro France champion Keanu Asing gets ahead of the physical and mental challenges of a grueling surf season with NAKOA Performance Director Ryan Gallop. Plus, learn 7 great exercises to prevent shoulder injuries and keep you ready for the next set. Check out the latest Sport Science newsletter here.

All surfers know the feeling of being landlocked due to sickness, injury, or work duties, taking its toll on cardiovascular fitness, surfing performance, and mental state. It is important at any skill level to maintain full body health to reduce your risk of injury while trying to perform your best in the water. The most common injuries amongst surfers are shoulder pathologies. Surfing requires repetitive shoulder rotation which can lead to common overuse injuries like shoulder impingement syndrome, tendonitis, rotator cuff tears, or labral pathology. It is important as a

A diminutive professional surfer from Hawaii, Keanu Asing, sent shockwaves through the entire surfing world. With his chances of re-qualification for the World Surf League’s Championship Tour slipping away, Keanu showed incredible heart and determination (along with an absolutely lethal backhand attack) and took down some of the world’s best surfers, including world champions John John Florence and Gabriel Medina, to win the Quiksilver Pro. Social Media went ablaze congratulating “Anu” on his amazing win, with nearly every surfer and company in the industry laying praise on his gutsy performance,