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An Integrated Approach

We’re the fun-loving, go-getting, live-lifers. The athletes by trade, the athletes by choice, and the athletes by necessity (if you have kids you know what we mean ;)). We don’t subscribe to the narratives that you peak in your 20s or that that pain is just a part of getting older. Here in Carlsbad, our team at NAKOA Fitness & Physical Therapy is dedicated to showing you a new path and perspective on heath.

For us, it really boils down to a strong foundation and a deeper understanding of movement. Explore outside the box, mix what you like with what you need, be open to learning in order to level up. Taking care of your body is the key to  freedom and success. 

Not sure what that means or where to start, thats why you have us! Just bring an open mind, a hard working attitude and good vibes and we’ll lead the way.  We have a seriously awesome team with  Doctors of Physical Therapy (aka smart people that know their sh*! about injury and recovery) working hand in hand with our Strength and Conditioning Specialists (aka personal trainers on crack that went down the rabbit hole on strength and performance training) to create the best possible program for you.

Our process is anchored in education and mastering movement. We’re transforming not just the way you move in the gym, but the way you move through life.  Our programs and passion are fueled by our own core values of freedom and longevity.  Life is meant to be lived and we’re here for it!  

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Our Holistic Approach.

The basis of NAKOA Fitness & Physical Therapy is built on a holistic approach that centers around being preventative where possible versus reactive. We provide a rich educational experience —because knowledge is power when it comes to living a healthy life! 

We work hard to teach people not just what good movement looks like on the outside, but what it should actually feel like on the inside. We have found that engaging and strengthening your deep inner core muscles, a true necessity for long-term injury prevention is truly a novel feeling for so many people. Just this alone can be a game-changer for protection and performance optimization.

We want your training with us to positively affect all aspects of your life outside the gym.  Let us help transform your goals into a whole new higher quality of life!

NAKOA Fitness and Physical Therapy in Carlsbad, CA

Discover Your New Favorite Gym

Get ready to meet your new favorite gym – NAKOA Fitness and Physical Therapy in Carlsbad! Our founder, Jason Waiton, had a vision of creating a collaborative team that could support and guide people through every step of their athletic journey. And boy, did he deliver! We’re not just about getting your heart rate up and building muscles – we’re here to bridge the gap between pain and performance, baby! We’ve got a team of Doctors of Physical Therapy and Strength and Conditioning Specialists (aka Personal Trainers) who work together to give you the most badass workout and recovery plan.

We’ve helped people with everything from chronic back pain to broken necks, and even a few shark attack survivors! We’ll challenge you not just physically, but mentally too, to strengthen your understanding and connection to your body. So, what are you waiting for? Join our community of kind, talented, supportive, fun-loving humans and friends, and let’s build the best bodies we can to live our fullest lives doing what we love outside of the gym!

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Meet the Professionals Dedicated to Helping You Reach Your Goals

Get to know the amazing Carlsbad physical therapy and fitness training team at NAKOA Fitness. A group of well-qualified coaches and trainers ready to help everyone from individuals starting their fitness journey all the way up to gym owners looking for new ways to enhance their facilities. It’s time you discover how this inspiring bunch can take your success stories from good…to great!

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Bianca Waiton


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Our Comprehensive Approach to Pain Management and Rehabilitation


Our caring team of Carlsbad physical therapy experts, personal trainers, and specialists based at Nakoa Fitness are committed to getting you back on your feet again! We use a personalized approach to develop the best plan for your recovery–whether it’s from major surgery or simple chronic pain.

Our unique combination of manual therapy exercises and training empowers you with strength, flexibility & independence so that life can get back to normal ASAP. Don’t just guess – make sure you’re maximizing your potential by trusting our dedicated professionals at every step!

With us by your side, regain independence today – so goodbye aches & pains; hello quality life living once more!

We now accept Anthem Blue Cross PPO insurance info for Physical Therapy!

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Proactive Versus Reactive Injury Prevention

Connecting Performance and Recovery.

At NAKOA, we deeply value active lifestyles, athleticism, sports, and the freedom to feel young even as we grow older. Our team is full of current and former athletes; young bucks and older vets (old and wise of course!); parents, travelers, surfers, golfers, rock climbers, runners, mountain bikers, and everything in between and all around.

The point is we’re in this work because we love it and we live it on the daily. We believe that quality of life and connection to self and others is fundamental to a great life.

"At NAKOA, we connect performance and recovery, empowering you to pursue passions while maintaining a strong, balanced, and resilient body."

Integrating Carlsbad Physical Therapy and Athletic Training at NAKOA

NAKOA evolved to create a better support system for our bodies so that we had more sustainable freedom to continue doing the thing we love. Typically physical therapy and recovery facilities are separate from athletic training and performance facilities because, on the surface, they have different focuses. We believe however that there is tremendous crossover and their goals should be largely overlapping. 

The truth is that most people tend to avoid dealing with injuries until the last hour. People tend to ignore the initial red flags and continue what they are doing, working around pain and injuries, until they absolutely can not do it anymore. For a lot of people, it takes a pretty strong breaking point like surgery or just complete limitation to finally seek outside help. 

Why? Simple, fear of change, we don’t want to stop doing what we love or we feel we can’t take a break from what we are responsible for (like work or family responsibilities for instance). 

NAKOA's Holistic Approach: Combining Fitness and Therapy for Optimal Results

We get it and we’re with you! NAKOA Fitness & Physical Therapy is our solution so that you can do both. In our facility, you can work with a therapist or a trainer or both and your program with incorporate both strength and recovery. Your program will be adapted to support you where you are and what you can do, allowing you to push yourself where you can be pushed and rehabbing you where you need extra help.

It is extremely rare to find a person that doesn’t have at least some imbalance and muscular dysfunction so regardless of whether someone presents with pain or not, we continue to incorporate preventative strength training to steer them away from the injuries that are often inevitable for so many people. 

Restoring Balance and Achieving Athletic Goals

We try initially to be preventative, incorporating corrective exercises into our athletic programming as protection against injuries. Where some dysfunction or pain surfaces we stay integrative, shifting anticipating, and protecting from injuries before they even come.  Our approach to injury prevention is centered on restoring balance within the body. We specialize in infusing corrective exercises into our strength and conditioning programs without you even noticing.

We understand that injuries often occur as a result of hidden imbalances and weaknesses, and our goal is to address these issues before they become an issue. In instances where significant injuries already exist, we continue to hold your higher athletic goals in mind, working in more advanced progressive strengthening exercises to better prepare you for the anticipated demands of your goals.

Optimizing Performance through Comprehensive Injury Recovery and Prevention


Get ready to optimize your performance and conquer whatever challenges you face! Our team is passionate about helping athletes of all levels reach their physical, mental, and emotional goals. We provide a customized approach that will help you recover from pain or injury while regaining strength, flexibility, and function – so that nothing can stop you on the path toward success in sports (or life!).

Carlsbad physical therapy & fitness with nakoa performance

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